Is a collection of 1.000 Picazzo Face NFTs —unique digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain.

Your Picazzo Face doubles as your membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits,

Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.
cost: 0.05 ETH

How It’s MAde

Each Picasso Face is unique and programmatically generated from over 100 possible traits, including eyes, noses, mouths, hairstyles and more. All artworks are unique.

The artworks are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing one costs 0.05 ETH.

To access members-only areas, holders will need to be signed into their Metamask Wallet.

Main Artwork
cost: 0.05 ETH


  • 1.000 unique artworks
  • 30 backgrouds
  • 30 eyes
  • 15 noses
  • 15 mouths
  • 15 abstractions
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Join the art collective!

With your Picazzo token comes art, culture & community.

We are here for the love of art and the evolution of Digital Art, AI and
NFT technologies.

Our efforts focus on innovating within the NFT space & empowering our holders in creative ways.

Members will benefit from:

  • Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT
  • Fair Launch, fair distribution: All artworks cost 0.05 ETH
  • Discounts on all items from the swag shop(see roadmap)
  • Free unlimited access to all future Picazzo Art Experiments
Join the collective! cost: 0.05 ETH

We’re in it together

We’ve set up some target goals. Once we hit a target through sell percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the goal.


    Submit your artwork on the discord channel. Most voted artwork wins a free NFT.


    There is a pool of 5 NFTs that will be given away randomly to the early adapters.


    Your NFT becomes animated. You’ll be able to interact w your artwork through the Picazzo Dapp.


    You’ll be able to aquire items designed by the artist. Members get a discount.

  • PICAZZO 2.0

    Preview for the next Digital NFT project. Members will have free acces.


Codename “PABLO”

Weaving the latest in game engines, NFT, blockchain authentication and augmented reality, combined with manufacturing expertise to create one of a kind artworks and digital artifacts.

For many years, THE ARTIST was working strictly in the shadows, providing designs and concepts to game companies and a few select online brands, in 2020 he expanded his services into the public metamarket.

The metaverse has offered him the oportunity to start a new journey powered by blockchain technologies.
Picazzo is his first project from a series of NFT digital abstractions.

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  • 20 MINTED
  • 980 LEFT
cost: 0.05 ETH